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BFA Design & Technical Production Curriculum

NOTE: The information on this page is also available as a printable PDF: BFA Design & Technical Production Curriculum (PDF).

The BFA Design and Technical Production concentration at The University of Alabama is a rigorous program designed to prepare talented and highly disciplined students for work in professional theatre. It offers competitive training in a collaborative environment. In addition to the required core theatre courses, the comprehensive curriculum includes all areas of design and technical production.

Beginning in their first year, students may be considered for a wide variety of production opportunities, including mainstage productions in the Marian Gallaway Theatre and MFA student directed productions in the Allen Bales Theatre.

Admission/Retention Process

Admission to the BFA Design and Technical Production concentration is by portfolio review and interview only. Students must both fill out an application form for the Design and Technical Production concentration and apply to The University of Alabama. There are two Audition/Interview Days on campus each year, one in November and one in January. Individual interviews can also be arranged. If admitted, students will be notified no later than December 1 or February 1, respectively. Once accepted into the program, continuance in the BFA Design and Technical Production concentration is contingent on an annual “end of year” evaluation by members of the Design and Technical Production faculty.


Please visit the design/technical production interviews page for up to date, detailed information on the audition/interview process.

More Information

For more information, please contact one of the following faculty members:

Director of Costume Design and Production

Donna Meester
dmeester@ua.edu / 205-348-9032

Director of Lighting Design, Sound Design, and Technology

Matt Reynolds
mcreynolds1@ua.edu / 205-348-8032

Director of Scenic Design

F. Randy deCelle
rdecelle@ua.edu / 205-348-6253

Director of Stage Management

Matt Davis
mjdavis9@ua.edu / 205-348-2116

Director of Technical Production

F. Randy deCelle
rdecelle@ua.edu / 205-348-6253


University Requirements

Subject Matter Hours (49 Total)
Freshman Composition 6 Hrs
Foreign Language or Computer Science 8 Hrs
History and Social and Behavior Sciences 12 Hrs
Fine Arts/Literature/Humanities 12 Hrs
Mathematics and Natural Science 11 Hrs

Major Requirements

Theatre Core

Course Number Course Title Hours (24 Total)
TH 114 Introduction to Theatre 3
TH 141 Acting I 3
TH 220 or TH 231 Fundamentals of Stage Scenery or Costume Construction I 3
TH 361 or TH 470 Beginning Directing or Theatre Management 3
TH 451 History of Theatre I 3
TH 452 History of Theatre II 3
TH 191, 291, 391 Practicum (1 credit hour each) 3
TH 495 Senior Project 3

Studies in Design/Technical Theatre

(55 Hours from the Following)
Course Number Course Title Hours
TH 120 Principles of Design 3
TH 220 Fundamentals of Stage Scenery 3
TH 230 Stage Makeup 2
TH 231 Beginning Costume Construction 3
TH 233 Beginning Costume Design 3
TH 322 Fundamentals of Stage Lighting 3
TH 365 Stage Management 3
TH 415 Properties Construction 3
TH 419 Electricity and Electronics 3
TH 420 Technical Direction 3
TH 421 Period Décor 3
TH 422 Scene Design 3
TH 423 Drafting for the Theatre 3
TH 424 Advanced Scenic Design 3
TH 425 Scene Painting 3
TH 426 Sound Production Techniques 3
TH 427 Computer Graphics for the Theatre 3
TH 430 Historic Costume for Stage 3
TH 432 Costume Construction II 3
TH 433 Costume Design I 3
TH 434 Costume Design II 3
TH 435 Presentation for Designers 3
TH 436 Fabric Modification 3
TH 437 Drawing for Stage Designers 3
TH 439 Advanced Stage Makeup 3


Course availability is subject to permission by instructor.