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Venue & Studio Usage


As a part of the department, all Theatre and Dance students have free access to a wide variety of studio spaces across campus. Large dance studios are available in Clark Hall and Fresh Foods. Two multipurpose rooms (RJ 141 & RJ 236 are available in Rowand-Johnson Hall, which are perfect for rehearsal, workshops, or group classwork. Traditional classrooms are also available upon request. These are reserved for Theatre and Dance students and are not intended for public use.

Studio spaces are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis and must be made at least 72 hours in advance. Requests can be made online at https://tinyurl.com/THDNSpaceW0. Please note the following:

  • Students may reserve up to 4 hours of studio space per week. Student organizations may reserve up to 10 hours/week. This keeps the studio reservation process equitable for all theatre and dance students.
  • Some spaces, such as Clark Hall, may not be available over the weekend.
  • Devices and speakers to play music are not provided within the studio spaces.
  • Requests made over the weekend will not be addressed until the next business day.
  • Studio reservations may be made in one-hour increments.


General Information

The Department of Theatre and Dance has three performance spaces, which may be reserved by both student organizations and the general public: 

  • The Dance Theatre, a 655-seat proscenium venue in the English Building, is the home of Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre and the Emerging Choreographers’ Showcase. This space is well-equipped for dance concerts, guest speakers, and some theatrical performances. 
  • The Marian Gallaway Theatre, a 305-seat proscenium theatre, regularly features large-scale theatrical performances. This venue can support a wide range of technical capabilities and recently presented productions like Into the Woods, Legally Blonde, and Pippin
  • The Allen Bales Theatre, a 149-seat thrust-stage facility, is an intimate theatrical space that best serves smaller artistic projects. With an up-close and personal feel, the Bales keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with productions like Julius Caesar, The Colored Museum, and Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

In addition to presenting UA Theatre and Dance’s full season, these three venues are available to West Alabama communities and UA units/departments. They can be reserved for a wide variety of events, such as dance competitions,  performances, or community gatherings. The spaces rent at the following rates to the public:

  • Dance Theatre / Marian Gallaway Theatre
    • Full Day Rental: $1,500
    • 8-Hour Rental: $1,125
    • 4-Hour Rental: $600
    • 1-Hour Rental: $185
  • Allen Bales Theatre
    • Full Day Rental: $1,000
    • 8-Hour Rental: $800
    • 4-Hour Rental: $450
    • 1-Hour Rental: $135

All listed fees do not include labor for the event. For more information about venue rentals, please contact Dominic Yeager, Department Chair, at dmyeager@ua.edu.

Student Organizations

Student organizations housed within the Department of Theatre and Dance may reserve performance venues at a discounted rate (33% off all venues).

To promote accessibility within the department, student organizations may also reserve performance venues with service points. These points can be earned through activities that provide value to the department at-large, such as the following:

  • Sponsoring guest artists
  • Presenting theatre/dance workshops
  • Offering professional development opportunities
  • Setting up academic-focused events or tutoring opportunities
  • Hosting departmental meet and greets
  • Providing refreshments for a department convocation
  • Recruiting on behalf of the department
  • Completing a special project for the department
  • Other

The number of points earned for these options are variable, based on the size and scope of activity. If a student organization would like to earn service points in this way, the president can schedule a meeting with the Department Chair to determine a fair number of points. To receive approval, activities must be available to all students and/or serve the overall student body.  

Additionally, individuals or groups of students can volunteer in various departmental roles to earn service points for their organization (1 service point/person/hour). Possible options include:

  • Ushering a theatre production or dance concert (free ticket included)
  • Assisting with administrative tasks in the Main Office
  • Working special events (such as Program Auditions, Homecoming, Theatre Fest, Dance Day, etc.)
  • Supporting department marketing (hanging posters, chalking across campus, etc.)
  • Volunteering in the costume or scene shop (appropriate training required)
  • Other

Service points can be redeemed at the following rates:

  • Dance Theatre / Marian Gallaway Theatre
    • Full Day Rental: 65 points
    • 8-Hour Rental: 50 points
    • 4-Hour Rental: 26 points
    • 1-Hour Rental: 8 points
  • Allen Bales Theatre
    • Full Day Rental: 45 points
    • 8-Hour Rental: 35 points
    • 4-Hour Rental: 20 points
    • 1-Hour Rental: 6 points

For the best chance of approval, student organizations should request venues at least 60 days in advance. When available, a venue may be reserved for up to 5 days to accommodate general rehearsals, technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and up to three performances. As a reminder, for general rehearsals, student organizations may reserve studio spaces freely. 

To protect department equipment, student organizations must have an approved technical representative at all times in the space. Student organizations can get a representative approved by speaking with Randy deCelle or Lyndell McDonald. If the student organization is unable to provide a representative, they may hire one for $30/hour through the department.