Undergraduate Programs

BA Theatre: Acting

students performing in Sweeney ToddInitial acting courses are designed to encourage the realization of a highly personalized, confident expression on stage.  Advanced courses are offered in Greek Drama, Shakespeare, Moliere, European Realism, Classic Comedic Styles (including Wilde and Coward), Acting for the Camera, Contemporary Theatrical Styles, and Careers in Theatre.

Acting courses are augmented by intensive study in Movement and Voice for the Stage. Advanced movement courses include specialized study in Clowning, Mask Work, Stage Combat, Suzuki, Contact Improvisation, Physical Characterization, Tai Chi, and Karate.

Advanced vocal courses include specialized study of Fitzmaurice (destructuring/ restructuring), Linklater, Rodenberg, Berry, and Lessac techniques. They also include the study of phonetics (IPA), stage dialects, archetypes, and alba emoting. Many of our graduates go on to pursue professional careers and the department is resolutely committed to assisting with that transition through organizing internships, seeking local theatrical and film casting opportunities for exceptional students and through our New York Showcase, where students have secured representation by AEA and SAG franchised talent agents, as well as interest by major casting directors.

Read details about the curriculum on our BA Theatre Curriculum page.