Undergraduate Programs

BA Theatre Curriculum

NOTE: The information on this page is also available as a printable PDF: BA Theatre Curriculum PDF

Students earning the bachelor of arts (BA) degree with a major in theatre must complete all University, college, and departmental degree requirements. These include the general education requirements, major requirements, all requirements for an approved minor, and sufficient other credits to total a minimum of 120 applicable semester hours.

Information about the dance curriculum and musical theatre curriculum may be found on their respective pages.

University Requirements

Subject Matter Hours
Freshman Composition 6 Hrs
Upper-Level writing courses 6 Hrs
Foreign Language or Computer 6 Hrs
Fine Arts 3 Hrs
Literature 3 Hrs
Other Fine Arts/Literature/Humanities Courses 6 Hrs
History 3 Hrs
History or Social and Behavior Sciences 9 Hrs
Natural Sciences With 6 hrs of Lecture and 2 Hrs Lab 8 Hrs
Mathematics 3 Hrs

Major Requirements

The theatre major is broken into two major sections: the core and electives. Core work is required for all majors, and electives are chosen based on advising and area of specialty.

Please note: Class availability is subject to rotation and subject to change.

Theatre Core

Course Number Course Title Hours
TH 141 Acting I 3 Hrs
TH 191 Introduction to Practicum 1 Hr
TH 220

TH 231

Fundamentals of Stagecraft OR

Beginning Costume Construction

3 Hrs
TH 291 Beginning Theatre Practicum 1 Hr
TH 361

TH 470

Beginning Directing OR

Theatre Management

3 Hrs
TH 391 Intermediate Theatre Practicum 1 Hr
TH 451 History of Theatre I 3 Hrs
TH 452 History of Theatre II 3 Hrs


Each major must select 17 hours of theatre electives, with 1 hour being from the 300 or 400 level.

General Theatre Electives

Course Number Course Title Hours
TH 453 European Theatre 3 Hrs
TH 482/ 483 Playwriting I/ II 3 Hrs
TH 486 Dramatic Theory and Criticism 3 Hrs
TH 499 Independent Study 3 Hrs

Acting Electives

Course Number Course Title Hours
TH 165/166 Musicianship I/ II 3 Hrs
TH 240 Stage Movement 3 Hrs
TH 241 Beginning Voice 3 Hrs
TH 242 Acting II 3 Hrs
TH 441 Acting III 3 Hrs
TH 245/246 Teaching Theatre 3 Hrs
TH 442 Careers in the Prof. Thea. 3 Hrs
TH 444 Acting for the Camera 3 Hrs
TH 445 Performing Shakespeare 3 Hrs
TH 446 Advanced Voice and Speech 3 Hrs
TH 447 Stage Dialects 3 Hrs
TH 449 Stage Combat 3 Hrs
TH 462 Advanced Directing 3 Hrs
TH 465/ 466 Mus. Theat. Perf I/II 3 Hrs
TH 467 Mus. Thea. Rep. Coaching 3 Hrs

Technical Theatre Electives

Course Number Course Title Hours
TH 120 Principles of Design 3 Hrs
TH 230 Stage Makeup 2 Hrs
TH 320 Intermediate Tech. Prod. 3 Hrs
TH 322 Fund. Of Stage Lighting 3 Hrs
TH 324 Lighting, Sound and Stagecraft for Dancers 3 Hrs
TH 365 Fund. Of Stage Mgmt 3 Hrs
TH 421 Period Décor 3 Hrs
TH 422 Scenic Design 3 Hrs
TH 423 2D Drafting for the Theatre 3 Hrs
TH 424 Advanced Scene Design 3 Hrs
TH 425 Scene Painting 3 Hrs
TH 426 Sound Production Techniques for Theatre and Dance 3 Hrs
TH 427 Computer Graphics for the Theatre 3 Hrs
TH 430 History of Costume for the Stage 3 Hrs
TH 432 Costume Construction II 3 Hrs
TH 433/ 434 Costume Design I/II 3 Hrs
TH 435 Professional Presentation for Theatre Designers 3 Hrs
TH 437 Drawing and Rendering for Stage Designers 3 Hrs
TH 438 Tailoring Techniques for Theatre 3 Hrs
TH 439 Advanced Stage Makeup 3 Hrs
TH 490 Independent Study 3 Hrs