Virtual Series

Virtual Black Box

The Virtual Black Box is a series of videos that brings the audience live theatre to the comfort of the couch. A new video will be released each Monday and Friday at 12 noon CST. A schedule for the videos along with the links to them can be found below.


June 15: Spectrum (2019)
Co-Director/ Choreographer:  Drew Martin
Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Allison Reynolds
Music Composer:  Timothy Smith
Performers:  Chandler Brown, Heather Hunt, Alex Mannings, Reagan Morey, Camari Murdock, Kendall Niblett, Georgia Sheridan
Gaffer:  David Jones
Link: Spectrum (2019)

June 19: Depths (2019)
Director/Choreographer/Performer:  Nick Thacker
Cinematographer/Editor:  Reagan Wells
Music Composer:  Garret Green
Produced by:  Alex Cherry, Reagan Wells
Link: Depths (2019)

June 22: Count It All (2018)
Director/Choreographer:  Alexia Acebo
Cinematographer/Editor:  Reagan Wells
Performers:  Blair Ely, Kate Kroehnke, Alex Mannings, Drew Martin, Reagan Morey, Kendall Niblett, Nick Thacker
Link: Count It All (2018)

June 26: Locomotive (2020)
Co-Director/Choreographer/Performer:  Oscar Villalobos
Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor:  Paden Anderson
Link: Locomotive (2020)

June 29: Energies of Woman (2020)
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Tristan Hallman
Choreography: Heather Hunt
Music Composition: Colin Kemper
Performance: Jordan Bee, Kylie Long, Gracie McCraney, Olivia Phillips, Brelyn Reece
Link: Energies of a Woman (2020)

July 3: elsewhere (2019)
Director/Choreographer:  Kendall Niblett
Performers:  Kori Frye, Cameron Ogden, Nick Thacker
Cinematographer/Editor:  Jeb Brackner
Gaffer:  Wilson Weirich
Poetry/Voice-Over:  Clarice Westover
Link: elsewhere (2019)

July 6: Here (2020)
Director/Choreographer/Editor:  Emilia Stuart
Cinematography: Lance Holmes, Will Prewitt, Andrew Williams
Music Composer: Patrick Dutton
Performance: Katie Armstrong, Chloe Bartine, Corrinne Calhoun, Emma Dean, Kendra Giles, Carey Hodovanich, Claire Johlie, Tori King, Grace Marrochello, Kelsey Noble, Sarah Osucha, Maria Pacos, Rebekah Pearson, Brooke Prentice, Brelyn Reece, Simeon Saub, Sarah Schwartz, Skylar Thompson, Katy Weske.
Link: Here (2020)

Following these video from the Dance Alabama Film Festival, UA Theatre and Dance hosted a live Meet and Greet session with the directors, choreographers or actors July 6. This page will be updated with any information on upcoming Meet and Greet sessions.

Movement Series

The Movement series is a series of mini-Masterclasses taught by the world-renowned faculty at the Department of Theatre and Dance. A session will be hosted every Wednesday at 12 noon CST. Participants will need to register for each class event by filling out this registration form. A link to the session will be emailed an hour prior to the session. Below is a schedule for the Movement series –

June 17 – Allison Hetzel
Voice, Body, Breath, and Mind Warm-Up – Inspired by the work of Catherine Fitzmaurice
This session will include the use of a chair, standing, and gentle movement. All ages welcome and comfortable clothing recommended.

June 24 – Kelley Schoger
Finding Ease through the Natural World: A Gentle Alexander Technique Exploration
This class is an invitation to stimulate and broaden our kinesthetic sense through nature and the senses. During this time of quarantine, interacting through screens, and isolation, what can serve us as performers is to remember that we are part of the natural world and tuning into it invites space, expansiveness, and a sense of presence. I will lead a guided constructive rest session outdoors inviting in whatever sounds come, and I invite you, if you are able, to also practice in a safe outdoor space. If you can’t, just find any quiet space where you can listen to the session. This constructive rest session will be based in the Alexander Technique and will incorporate movement and gentle exercises to awaken our proprioceptive sense. All that is required is a yoga mat or large towel, two books, and comfy clothes.

July 1 – Lawrence Jackson
Jazz Dance
This class will increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, and will focus on the proper execution of basic – advanced jazz combinations and sequences. Appropriate for all ages and dancers who have had intermediate to advanced training in jazz dance.

July 8 – Dr. Fenella Kennedy
“How can I dance in here?!”
A series of guided improvisations for all ages that will get you moving and exploring, even if you don’t have a lot of space to do it in.

July 15 – Matt Davis
Centers and Your Imagination
Engage your entire psycho-physical self as we use Willpower and Concentration to creatively explore the Thinking, Feeling, and Will Centers introduced by Michael Chekhov. Appropriate for all ages and abilities. Matt is a certified teacher of the Michael Chekhov Technique. He will joined by Tory Matsos, MFA, Lecturer in Theatre at Hillsdale College and certified teacher of both the Alexander Technique and Michael Chekhov Technique.
Please fill out this form to register for this session.

July 22 – Sarah Barry
Brain Dance
Wake up your body and your mind as we explore the developmental patterns of movement identified by Irmgard Bartenieff. Appropriate for all ages and abilities.

July 29 – Dr. Fenella Kennedy
Cunningham 101
A contemporary movement class for small spaces exploring use of the spine. Suitable for those already familiar with “tendu”, “plie”, and parallel, first and second position.

August 5 – Stacy Alley
Beginning Tap for Adults
Put on a pair of tap shoes (if you have them) and let’s learn the basics of this fun and active art form!