Asking the Arts

This photo was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asking the Arts is a virtual workshop series by UA Theatre and Dance taught by our internationally-recognized faculty and talented graduate students. Each workshop in the series is inspired by an aspect of the performing arts. Through the series, we hope to answer questions about the different areas of the performing arts.

These workshops would allow participants to interact with the faculty and students at the department and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes or in a classroom! All workshops are free of cost. A list of the workshops and information on each of them can be found below. Each workshop will require registration and registrations will close an hour prior to the session. This page will be updated as new workshops are confirmed. Visit the Events Calendar to register for the workshops.

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Spring 2021

How do you create your own “Discovery?”
February 3 at 4pm CST – Seth Panitch
A conversation about the different strategies actors can take to create their own career. We will cover company creation as well as the development of multiple avenues of attack.

Fall 2020 

What is the Technical Side of Costuming?
December 5 at 10am CST – Cami Huebert
An exploration into the technology and production elements that bring costumes to life! From sketch to reality, our very own Costume Technician, Cami Huebert, will give us a behind the scenes perspective.

What is the Technical Perspective of Devised Performance?
November 21 at 10am CST – Matthew Stratton
An exploration on the challenges in technical design through newly devised productions, as well as, pitfalls in the process to hopefully avoid.

What does the Design Process look like for Staging a Ballet?
October 28 at 4pm CST – Tiffany Yeager and Lyndell McDonald
How does the production process of staging a ballet actually work? We will dive into the lighting, sound, props, and all things production with our very own faculty, Lydell McDonald and Tiffany Yeager! Let’s take a look behind the curtain and explore the many production elements of staging a ballet.

How do you Stage a Ballet?
October 24 at 10am CST – Rita Snyder and Lyndell McDonald
Learn about the ins and outs of staging a ballet with Rita Snyder and Lyndell McDonald. From restaging choreography to the costumes, lighting, and everything in between, we will explore what really goes into preparing a ballet.

How Do I Explore Storytelling through Movement?
October 14 at 4pm CST – Kelley Schoger
“Space is a provocation that can propel and shape a piece of theatre.” -Simon McBurney, Complicite

In this workshop we will explore the freeing, creative, and dynamic possibilities of using our body, breath, and space around us to tell a story. Building awareness of our moving selves and how we fill the space around us is a fundamental skill for the actor. Through simple guided exercises and movement improvisations, we will open up space within us and around us in order to discover how movement builds presence, confidence, and storytelling potential. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. No movement or dance experience required! Tuning in from a small space is fine!

What Is Creative Movement?
October 7 at 4pm CST– Dr. Fenella Kennedy
Sometimes when we see dance in a class on stage it can be hard to figure out exactly what’s going on. Why did that movement take your breath away? Why did the piece make you feel the way you feel?
Many professional dancers use a movement analysis toolkit to help them understand movement and talk about their own creative ideas. In this workshop you’ll learn a few of the handiest tools from that kit and use them to create movement of your own. The best part about these tools is that they work for lots of different types of movement and dance, so whatever your background or experience level you’ll’ be able to try making art of your own.
Afterwards Fen will happily take questions about their research, their career, and what it’s like to walk the line between artist and academic.

How Do I Ace a Vocal Audition?
October 3 at 10 am CST – Dr. Luvada Harrison, Dr. William Martin, and Henry Lewers
Participants who plan to sing in the workshop should prepare a song cut they would use in a Musical Theatre Audition. Pre-recorded accompaniment or tracks should be used. Participants will receive feedback on voice, acting, the cut itself, and marking the music.

What Role does Technology play in the Arts?
September 30 at 4pm CST– Randy deCelle
A look at the state of production technologies and the process to create live shows. Examples from theatre, performance art, themed entertainment, and other associated events which are produced live.

Student Organizations – Who, What, How?
September 23 at 4pm CST– The Flourish, Crimson Stage, Alpha Psi Omega
A presentation by the theatre student organizations at UA Theatre and Dance. Learn more about who they are, what they do and how students can get involved!

Student Organizations – Who, What, How? Part II
September 26 at 10am CST– Dance Alabama!
A presentation by the student organization – Dance Alabama!

You will need to register for each workshop and registrations will close an hour prior to the workshop. For more information on the workshops and to register, visit the Events Calendar. Did you miss a session? Let us know and we might be able to send you a recording!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us by email at or by phone at (205)348-7351.