UA Troupe makes Shakespeare Characters Approachable

From The Crimson White: The University’s version of “Othello” turns the stage into a gigantic mood ring. It happens amidst a canopy of curtains and veils that melt from blue to green to scarlet to black, tracking the emotional shifts in the greatest soap opera of all time.

This is good, because for us non-English majors, it can be a little difficult to follow the marital woes of Othello (Michael Luwoye), Shakespeare’s Saharan prince of Venice, his new wife Desdemona (Abby Jones) and his ensign Iago (Samuel Hardy), a sociopathic genius who really, really hates his boss. Beat out for a promotion by the goody-goody Cassio (Michael Witherell), Iago sets out to trap the other three in a net of suspicions, lies and trickery that makes Madoff look like a Sunday school kid.

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