PURGATORIO engages through compelling anti-chemistry

From The Crimson White: Even before it started, “Purgatorio” gave me the creeps. It was the set – a sterile, white square that didn’t even fill up the Allen Bales’ tiny stage. With little more than a cot and metal chair, it could have been a hospital wing, child’s bedroom or padded cell – all prime real estate for theatrical head-screwage. And it was set in Purgatory? Oh boy, here we go.

But, all things considered, Purgatory is a pretty down-to-earth place, where divine correction officers in glasses and lab coats try to rehabilitate the damned for a fresh life on Earth. Here we find Jason (Stephen Brunson) and Medea (Amy Handra), a couple from Greek mythology who wind up in the second level of Dante’s Inferno after the nastiest lovers’ spat in history.

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