Simon’s Fable Proves Stupid Can be Fun

From The Tuscaloosa News:

Walking into “Fools” is like stumbling across a previously unknown early novel by a favorite writer, despite the fact that it’s mid-career (1981) Neil Simon. It’s not the kind of work that would have made Simon’s fortune or fame; at times it seems to be straining for its one-liners, or to plumb a theme deeper than “stupid is funny.”

But the throw-it-against-the-wall-to-see-what-shticks production at the Allen Bales Theatre works despite frailties in the script, with director John Nara heading a committed cast into the absurdity of playing absurdity, so it actually has more than one level: There’s laughing at bits, and then there’s laughing about the idea of laughing at such silliness.

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