Lawrence Jackson

Associate Professor, Dance


Lawrence Jackson is an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Alabama. Lawrence received a BFA in Dance from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MFA in Dance from Florida State University. Professionally, he devoted several years with the internationally acclaimed modern dance company, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble. Additionally, he has performed as a guest artist in a variety of venues; on the concert stage, PBS television programs, dinner theatres, and summer dance intensives. Jackson has choreographed over 75 original works for the concert stage. As an instructor, he has taught and continues to guest teach and choreograph at various universities, academies and summer workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad. As a scholar, Jackson has published in many scholarly journals in the field of Black Dance. Most recently, he co-edited and published a special edition devoted to Black Dance in the Journal of Pan African Studies. This edition marked the second occurrence in history, where an academic journal edition was committed solely to Black Dance. As a dance educator and choreographer, Lawrence approaches the teaching of dance by focusing on the direction of contemporary movement elements, choreographic principles, and performance. Lawrence’s objective is to facilitate excellence in the promotion of dance education. He attempts to aid his students in advancing their theoretical and analytical foundations for dance through discipline-based studies. Using all of these methods, Lawrence’s ultimate artistic and educator goals are to conceptualize and synthesize movement material, maximize dance education through course planning and direction, and to assess the outcomes of dance education.