UA Theatre & Dance is Back in Business with ‘Seduced’

UA Theatre & Dance begins its 2015-2016 season with American playwright Sam Shepard’s maddening drama, Seduced, September 21-27 in the Allen Bales Theatre. The play centers on the final days of a paranoid tycoon, based on billionaire recluse Howard Hughes.

The myth of the American Dream and the consequences one faces to achieve it is a major theme in the production. “He’s a billionaire who thought he could control things, conquer the American Dream. At the end of the day, he ended up controlling actions of people handing him things, serving him food and relationships with women. All of that control and money to understand the American ideal and it didn’t work. All you really can control is the three feet around you,” says director and MFA student Raines Carr.

Billionaire Henry Hackamore lives in seclusion, but is encountered by visions of two women from his past. Carr explains, “He’s so lost being part of this myth that he cannot connect with others. There are these two women that are haunted pieces of his past. One is old money, Hollywood and the other is a lower class showgirl. Neither one he really wanted, he’s stuck in the middle.”

Join UA Theatre & Dance for a night of incredible characters and storytelling in the Allen Bales Theatre in Rowand-Johnson Hall on September 21-27. To purchase tickets for Seduced, visit or call the box office at 205.348.3400.


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