Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre Reflects On Freedom

February has arrived and we are celebrating Black History Month all across the United States. It’s a time for recognition and reflection as we honor African-Americans that have made an impact on our history. Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre, opening February 21, is offering a night of spectacular storytelling and performance to embrace those that have blazed a trail for so many people before them.

UA Professor Cornelius Carter has decided to honor this month by choreographing and presenting a dance piece inspired by the works of the recently opened Freedom? exhibit at the Paul R. Jones Gallery in Downtown Tuscaloosa. Paul Jones, an Alabama native, was a collector and supporter of African-American art. He felt it was his duty to purchase and display the works of those underrepresented in art galleries. He would serve as an important archivist and preservationist of African-American history and culture. The exhibit’s theme of freedom not only focuses on categories of Neo-Slave Narratives and Civil Rights Icons, but also on the Economics of Freedom. In its essence, it offers the audience the meaningful question of “What is freedom?”

The same sense of duty inspires Mr. Carter to continue to archive the lives of African-Americans. His piece questions the definition of freedom, but at the same offers the audience a full spectrum of thoughts and emotions. “It’s about the good, the bad and the ugly. At the same time, it challenges us and makes us celebrate these lives,” states Carter.

Over the years, Mr. Carter has introduced thought-provoking, exciting and diverse choreography at The University of Alabama. His endless journey to discover new approaches of audience engagement have solidified his success as a choreographer, leader and educator at The University of Alabama.

Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre runs February 21 through February 23 at 7:30PM, February 24 at 5:30 PM and February 25 at 2:00PM at Morgan Auditorium. Tickets $14 for UA students, $17 for UA employees and seniors, and $20 for adults. Tickets and information are available in the lobby at Rowand-Johnson Hall, by phone at (205) 348-3400 or online at