Graduate Programs

MFA Acting Curriculum

NOTE: The information on this page is also available as a printable PDF: MFA-Acting-Concentration (PDF)

MFA in Theatre: Core

TH 551 History of the Theatre I. Three hours.

TH 552 History of the Theatre II. Three hours.

TH 600 Advanced Practicum I. Two hours.

TH 601 Advanced Practicum II. Two hours.

TH 603 Advanced Practicum III. Two hours.

TH 695 Capstone Experience in Theatre. Three hours.

Total Core Hours: 15

Concentration in Acting

45 hours from the following:

TH 539 Advanced Stage Makeup. Three hours.

TH 540 Stage Movement and Physical Acting. Six hours.

TH 541 Advanced Scene Study. Three hours.

TH 542 Careers in the Professional Theatre. Three hours.

TH 543 Script Analysis and Interpretation. Three hours.

TH 544 Period Acting Styles I (Greek/British). Three hours.

TH 545 Period Acting Styles II (Shakespeare). Three hours

TH 546 Advanced Voice and Speech. Three hours.

TH 547 Stage Dialects. Three hours.

TH 548 Rehearsal Process. Three hours.

TH 554 Seminar in Contemporary Theatre. Three hours.

TH 555 Seminar in Theatre History and Literature: Classical. Three hours.

TH 557 Seminar in Theatre History and Literature: American. Three hours.

TH 558 American Feminist Theatre. Three hours

TH 559 Dance/Movement for the Graduate Actor. Three hours.

TH 565 Musical Theatre Performance I. Three hours.

TH 566 Musical Theatre Performance II. Three hours.

TH 567 Musical Theatre Repertoire Coaching. One to two hours.

TH 570 Theatre Management. Three hours.

TH 575 The Singing Voice. Two hours

TH 582 Playwriting I. Three hours.

TH 586 Dramatic Theory and Criticism. Three hours.

TH 602 Internship. One to three hours.

TH 640 Problems in Theatre Arts: Physical Acting. Three hours

TH 641 Alexander Technique Directed Study. Three hours.

TH 642 Teaching Acting. Three hours.

TH 649 Problems in Theatre Arts: Performing. Three hours.

TH 677 The Singing Voice Intermediate. Two hours.

TH 690 Independent Study. Three hours.

Other graduate courses may be taken with approval of the graduate advisor.

Total Concentration Hours: 45

Total Hours in MFA: 60