Absurdity in FOOLS Leaves Audiences Laughing

From The Crimson White:

The love interest in The University of Alabama’s new play is too stupid to sit down. I’m not exaggerating – she spends 30 seconds trying to remember how to sit down in a chair. The hero falls for her while she’s struggling to say her own name. That was the point in “Fools” when I began to realize what playwright Neil Simon, who wrote “The Odd Couple,” had in for us.

If you’re looking for Simon’s quaintly human New Yorkers, you won’t find any in the Russian hamlet of Kulyenchikov, a town with an ancient curse of stupidity. And, like the townsfolk, the show will make you feel dumb. Not because you’re watching a stream of legitimately terrible jokes, but because you find yourself laughing at just about every one.

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