UA Writes: Raines Carr

For UA Writes: Student Written One-Acts, we asked the directors themselves, David Bolus and Raines Carr, to describe to us how each of their shows have come to life for them, their troubles in bringing each show to stage, and what it’s like bringing the words of someone else to stage.

Raines gave us a few choice words about working with John Nara, the playwright, and the process behind Hills Like White Elephants:

I choose this script out of several I was given from the playwriting class in our department. I was drawn to the personal nature of the relationship between the two characters. This is something that is a major focus in my work as a director, what occupies the space between two people. How is it defined and how does it define us.

The cast warming up

The cast warming up

I met with the writer, our former UA student and MFA director John Nara. He had a distinct vision of the how the play should be. We decided it would be best that he have a hands off approach to the process of putting on the show. He is letting me interpret his text in my own way. I took on this text like I would any other play I have worked on. We delve into the story and figure out how to flesh it out and realize it onstage in a truthful manner.

Raines in the middle of directing

Raines directing the blocking for his show

One of the challenges was of bringing this to life is casting young actors that are just starting to experience this type of relationship in their lives. They have to go deep and find the pain and happiness and love that will give this play power. They have been very receptive to this exploration of their characters. They have worked hard and will bring their own take on who these people are.

We have a very stilted rehearsal process of just a few weeks with a huge chunk taken out by Spring Break. But, the actors and the crew have pushed through to make this an enlightening evening of theatre. We are very excited to bring this new adaptation to life. We hope everyone, especially the writer, enjoys the work we have done.

UA Writes starts tonight, Monday April 6 at 7:30! Be sure to check it out, and get your tickets at today!