This Week in Education/Outreach: Discover Acting

Discover Acting 1In an effort to spice up the typically quiet Thursday evening at the library we brought in a giant group of actors to teach an acting workshop in Gorgas 205. Partnering with University Programs and Alpha Psi Omega allowed us to step off the stage for a night to introduce some theatre games and acting exercises to a new group of people.

The general consensus, let’s do it again! The two hour workshop was full of excited students despite the intense lightning storm that threatened our existence (or at least frightening me personally).

From melodrama to improv games to a lesson about actor objectives and motivation, this evening introduced an array of styles and exercises for both Discover Acting 2experienced and new actors. Directing student Jameson Vaughn led a segment on Melodrama archetypes that would have wowed any 18th century theatre goer. The group took turns using exaggerated motions to quickly establish a villain, hero, ailing mother, and the swooning beautiful daughter/son.

As the evening went on it became more and more obvious that our UA community wants more opportunities to learn, play games and have fun together. Be on the lookout for additional theatre and dance workshops. And if you are a great idea maker or interested in becoming involved with one of our ongoing projects email us at

Discover Acting 3Let’s get together again soon and discover more about Theatre and Dance!