A master class with Chris Friedman 3/31/17

A master class with
Chris Friedman


FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017 – 2:30-4:30PM


Presence, Ease and Poise for the Performer

Chris Friedman has been teaching Alexander Technique for more than 25 years and taught Alexander Technique, Nia and Yoga at Studio 206 for 14 years.  Founded in 1990 by Chris, Studio 206 was Charlottesville, VA’s first and foremost mind/body education center which focused on conscious fitness practices like Yoga and Nia, and the foundational work of the Alexander Technique.  Chris has since closed Studio 206 and opened new offices for the Alexander Technique Training Center in Charlottesville (ATTC-C), of which she is the current director.

Chris is an AmSAT certified teacher, graduating from the Virginia School for Alexander Technique in 1989.  In addition to working with master teachers worldwide, Chris completed a post-graduate Alexander Technique training in the Art of Breathing with Jessica Wolf at Yale in 2010.  She completed an advanced teacher refresher course taught by John Nicholls in 2014.

Teaching and supporting those interested in improving coordination, becoming more self aware, and gaining greater consciousness in managing life’s challenges inspires and animates Chris’ practice.  Her interest in movement and fitness have guided her to develop a specialty in working with individuals who are seeking to build and regain presence, strength, flexibility, stamina and focus.

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