Review: Ramping Up Camp in One of Coward’s Darker Plays

From The Tuscaloosa News: Director Jimmy Kontos guided his “Design for Living” actors vividly in replicating the high-speed, musical, birdlike speech common to Noel Coward plays. They speak deftly, in the style of the highly educated — and of those who listen to others only to trump them — and of early 20th-century screwball comedy. […]


Simon’s Fable Proves Stupid Can be Fun

From The Tuscaloosa News: Walking into “Fools” is like stumbling across a previously unknown early novel by a favorite writer, despite the fact that it’s mid-career (1981) Neil Simon. It’s not the kind of work that would have made Simon’s fortune or fame; at times it seems to be straining for its one-liners, or to […]


Why is No One Laughing?

From The Crimson White: With UA’s new musical “City of Angels,” I had a mystery on my hands. Sure, its 1940s Noir parody had a convoluted detective story, but this mystery didn’t involve a millionaire’s missing daughter or blackmailing mobsters – it was the case of who killed the audience. Don’t get me wrong, “Angels,” […]

In the News, Review

PURGATORIO engages through compelling anti-chemistry

From The Crimson White: Even before it started, “Purgatorio” gave me the creeps. It was the set – a sterile, white square that didn’t even fill up the Allen Bales’ tiny stage. With little more than a cot and metal chair, it could have been a hospital wing, child’s bedroom or padded cell – all […]


Theatre Review: MOBY-DICK

From The Tuscaloosa News: Where was God? A plaintive cry at the end of “Moby-Dick,” a new play by Steve Burch adapted from Melville’s novel, lofts that pivotal question into the wind. Pursuit of power, and the answers and questions buried in it like the rich raw materials dug from a whale’s carcass, is one of […]