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BFA Musical Theatre Curriculum

NOTE: The information on this page is also available as a printable PDF: BFA Musical Theatre Curriculum (PDF).

The Musical Theatre concentration in the Department of Theatre and Dance is committed to fostering a student’s talent and technique in all aspects of musical theatre. Students enjoy the advantage of being part of a vibrant liberal arts community with the added benefit of more intimate class sizes.

Designed to prepare students for a professional career or graduate study in musical theatre, the BFA allows us to continue our solid and successful musical theatre training while providing an environment for students seeking a more specialized curriculum in the three pillars of musical theatre – acting, singing, and dancing. Please note, the Academic Common Market is not available to students in the BFA-MT concentration.

By studying Musical Theatre at UA, you will

  • work with a faculty of passionate, highly-trained professionals.
  • make valuable connections in professional musical theatre by participating in master classes and auditions here on campus.
  • receive hands-on preparation for various employment opportunities through professional theatre conferences and on campus auditions.
  • have an invaluable, competitive edge with information and material that prepares students for a comprehensive career in the business aspects of musical theatre.
  • have the opportunity to audition for participation in a senior showcase in NYC, performing for industry professionals.
  • have the opportunity to perform as part of our diverse season, in occasional touring productions, as part of SummerTide Theatre (our professional theatre in Gulf Shores), and in student productions.

NOTE: There is overlap between the material covered by both the BA and BFA, but as a whole they have distinct differences, which means what’s right for one prospective student isn’t always right for another. No matter what degree one decides to pursue, our mission is to develop the knowledge, skills, and concepts essential to the life of a musical theatre professional.

For more information, please contact Stacy Alley, Director of Musical Theatre, at 205-348-6247 or slalley@ua.edu.

Admission Process

Admission to the BFA Musical Theatre concentration is by an on-campus audition after passing an electronic pre- screen. Auditions are held on campus each fall and spring, with exact dates published annually on the departmental website. Students must complete the online application form (also on the website) and apply to The University of Alabama in order to be considered for admission. Students will be notified of acceptance, and eligibility for possible departmental scholarship, no later than Feb. 1. If accepted, continuance is dependent upon satisfactory development, evaluated annually by the musical theatre faculty.


Please visit our auditions page for up to date, detailed information on the audition process.


University Requirements


Subject Matter Credit Hours (43 Total)
Freshman Composition 6
Foreign Language or Computer Science 8
Literature 3
Fine Arts/Literature/Humanities Courses (satisfied by TH 114 and TH 301) 3
History (in sequence) 6
History or Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
Natural Science (6 hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab) 8
Mathematics 3

Major Requirements

Theatre Requirements

Course Number Course Title Hours (21 Total)
TH 114 Introduction to Theatre 3
TH 141 Acting I 3
TH 191 Practicum I 1
TH 291 Practicum II 1
TH 391 Practicum III 1
TH 220 or TH 231 Fundamentals of Stage Scenery or Beginning Costume Construction 3
TH 361 or TH 470 Beginning Directing or Theatre Management 3
TH 451 History of the Theatre I 3
TH 452 History of the Theatre II 3

Musical Theatre Requirements

Course Number Course Title Hours (49 Total)
TH 165 Musicianship Theatre Performance I 3
TH 166 Musicianship Theatre Performance II 3
TH 231 Stage Makeup 2
TH 242 Acting II Introduction to Scene Study 3
TH 395 Theatre Careers 3
TH 466 Musical Theatre Performance 3
TH 467 Musical Theatre Repertoire Coaching 4
TH 495 Senior Project 3
THMT 174 Freshman Musical Theatre Voice 2
THMT 274 Sophomore Musical Theatre Voice 2
THMT 301 Musical Theatre History (satisfies Humanities) 3
THMT 374 Junior Musical Theatre Voice 2
THMT 474 Senior Musical Theatre Voice 4
DN 210 Musical Theatre Dance Styles II 3
DN 222 Ballet II 3
DN 251 Intermediate Jazz 3
DN 310 Musical Theatre Dance Styles III 3

Theatre Performance Electives (Select 6 hours from the following courses)

Course Number Course Title Hours (6 Total)
TH 240 Beginning Movement 3
TH 440 Stage Movement III 3
TH 441 Acting III: Advanced Scene Study 3
TH 444 Acting IV: Comedy and Film 3
TH 445 Acting V: Acting Shakespeare 3
TH 447 Stage Dialects 3

Dance Technique Courses (3 of which must be upper level)

Course Number Course Title Hours (9 Total)
DN 121, 122, 221, 321, 322 Ballet 3
DN 211, 212, 252, 255, 351, 352, 410, 451, 452 Jazz, Modern and Tap 6

Total Hours: 128