Some Frequently Asked Questions…

"Blithe Spirit", 2007

Are Your Theatres Accessible?:  Yes.  There are a limited number of accessible seats in all of our theatres.  If accessible seating is needed, please notify the box office when making your ticket reservations.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your request and, upon your arrival, our staff will be pleased to assist you at the theatre.


What About Curtain Times and Late Seating?:  All audience members must have a ticket and seat.  Standing or sitting in the aisles is prohibited.  We strive to see that all of our performances begin promptly.  For artistic and safety reasons, there is no late seating in either the Marian Gallaway or Allen Bales Theatres.  For productions in Morgan Auditorium, latecomers may not be seated until intermission. Tickets not torn or scanned by curtain times are considered void.  The box office does not offer refunds or exchanges.  Patrons who leave their seats during a performance may not be allowed re-entry until intermission.  Food and drink are not permitted in any of our theatres.  No infants or children under 5 are permitted in the theatres.


Do You Allow Electronic Devices?:  All cell phones, pagers, iPods, MP3 players, laptops and other electronic or text-messaging devices must be turned off during the performance.  The operation of audio or video recording equipment or text-messaging devices is strictly prohibited during the performance.  In the event of a disruption, devices may be confiscated and returned after the performance, with appropriate files deleted.  Theatre Management reserves the right to deny admission to or remove disruptive patrons from the theatre without refunds or exchanges.


Can I Recycle My Playbill?:  Unused programs may be left with an usher at the end of the performance, or deposited in one of the recycling containers located in the Marian Gallaway Theatre or Morgan Auditorium lobbies.