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Spring 2013 Production Auditions…


General Audition Information:  All departmental production auditions are open to the public as well as theatre and dance majors.  The procedure for auditioning is as follows:

  • Once sign-up sheets are posted on the callboards in Rowand-Johnson Hall, sign up for an audition date/time.
  • Submit a completed audition form, which are available in the main office (115 Rowand-Johnson Hall), once audition dates and times are announced.
  • Prepare any requested materials and check-in with the stage manager on-site (141 Rowand-Johnson Hall) by 5:30PM on the night of your audition.

Auditions for Spring 2014 Productions will be December 2 and 3, 2013.

Callbacks will  be held as follows:
Urinetown: December 4, 2013  4–8 pm
The Birthday Party: December 4, 2013  8–10 pm
Blood Wedding: December 5, 2013  5–8 pm
December 5, 2013  7–10 pm

How do I know if I’ve been cast?:  Cast lists will be posted on the callboards in Rowand-Johnson Hall.  Casting information is NOT provided online.  Please follow all instructions posted on the callboard regarding acceptance of roles, physical/cosmetic changes, etc.