UA’s MBA/MFA in Theatre Management Dual Degree…


“The Seagull”, 2011

Effective fall 2012, The University of Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School of Business MBA Program and the College of Arts & Sciences Department of Theatre and Dance MFA Program in Theatre Management will offer a new MBA/MFA dual degree.

The Manderson Graduate School of Business MBA program strives to build a framework for continuous improvement and lifelong learning.  The nationally ranked program provides hands-on experience and practical learning necessary to succeed in the business world.  Through a solid academic foundation, team building skills, community activities, real experiences, relationships and networks, and a balance between personal and professional activities, Manderson MBA students are positioned to be leaders in the industry.

The Master of Fine Arts Program in Theatre Management was founded in 1984 at The University of Alabama.  During their tenure on campus, students gain invaluable academic and objective experience from two environments — on-campus academic courses and hands-on practical experience, allowing for a very high degree of personal contact and involvement in the operation of the University theatres.  In addition to courses with the faculty of the university’s Department of Theatre and Dance, the MFA curriculum encompasses business, advertising and public relation courses taught by faculty of the Manderson Graduate School of Business and the College of Communications and Information Sciences, poised to become one of the leading training grounds for theatre and arts management candidates in the region.



Students in this dual degree program will take core MBA courses and MBA electives, with some additional contact hours in MFA in Theatre Management courses to fulfill the MBA program requirements.  Students would also take core MFA courses, inclusive of summer internships, with additional contact hours of MBA courses already attained, to fulfill the MFA in Theatre Management requirements.  The prescribed timeframe for completion of this dual degree, to be conferred in the same commencement, is three years.

A university criterion for admission maintains that it is mandatory for each student to be admitted to both programs separately before being allowed to begin work in the dual degree program.

MBA-MFA Curriculum (Excel format)



For additional information or questions about The University of Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School of Business MBA Program, please contact (205) 348-6517 or visit the MBA Program website at  For more information on the Department of Theatre and Dance MFA in Theatre Management Program, please visit the UATD graduate degree webpage