MFA in Lighting Design…


The graduate of the program should be prepared to move successfully into a career in either professional or educational theatre.  Admission to the program is based on a portfolio review and an interview.  Interviews are normally held at the U/RTA unified auditions and the annual convention of the Southeastern Theatre Conference, as well as in Tuscaloosa.

In addition to courses taken at the University , the student will normally design lighting for both studio and mainstage productions in Tuscaloosa.  A total of 60 semester hours is required for the degree.  While the curriculum is structured, individual needs and interests are met through individually planned design and production assignments.



Studio or Related Areas

  • TH526: Sound Production, 3 credits
  • TH527: Computer Graphics, 3 credits
  • Course Work in Related Areas, 20 credits
  • TH615: Lighting Design I, 3 credits
  • TH616: Lighting Design II, 3 credits
  • TH618: Lighting Design III, 3 credits
  • TH628: Problems in Theatre Arts: Design, 3 credits
  • Total Studio or Related – 38 credits

Other Studies in Theatre

  • TH551: Theatre History I, 3 credits
  • TH552: Theatre History II, 3 credits
  • Total Other – 6 credits

Students may select 16 credits from the following electives…

  • TH520: Graduate Technical Direction, 3 credits
  • TH521: Period Décor, 3 credits
  • TH523: 2D Drafting for the Theatre, 3 credits
  • TH525: Scene Painting, 3 credits
  • TH533: Costume Design I, 3 credits
  • TH537: Drawing and Painting, 3 credits
  • TH570: Theatre Management, 3 credits
  • TH622: Scene Design I, 3 credits
  • TH623: Scene Design II, 3 credits
  • TH600: Advanced Theatre Practicum, 1 credit
  • TH620: Advanced Theatre Technology, 3 credits
  • Total Electives – 16 credits

For more information, please contact Bill Teague, Director of Lighting Design Program,