BA Degree in Theatre…


“Dames at Sea”, 2011

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers various programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre.  These program areas include..

Please note:  Admission to the Musical Theatre Track program is by audition only.  Please visit our section on Audition/Scholarship Day for more information.

Highly-motivated students who seek to be well prepared for professional work or graduate education may choose to take more hours in the major than the specified 36.  If more than 42 hours are accrued in the major, the student will be exceeding the 120-credit-hour requirement for graduation by the number of hours taken over the single subject 42-credit-hour limit.  For more information on university and core curriculum requirements, please visit the course list on BA Theatre.


Catalog: Additional information regarding courses in UA’s catalog can be found by visiting the Academic Catalog Entries for Theatre Major and Theatre Minor.

The University of Alabama vs. Alabama Junior Colleges (Courses and Numbers):

  • Introduction to Theatre (this course does not satisfy the fine arts requirement for theatre majors), TH114, 3 credits vs. Introduction to Theatre, THR126, 3 credits
  • Acting I, TH141, 3 credits vs. Techniques of Acting I, THR131, 3 credits
  • Beginning Voice & Speech, TH241, 3 credits vs. Junior College courses vary, 3 credits
  • Stage Make-Up, TH230, 2 credits vs. Theatrical Make-Up, THR216, 2 credits
  • Theatre Practicum, TH290, 4 credits vs. Theatre Workshop I & II, THR113/114, 4 credits
  • Foreign Language, Student Choice/courses vary, 8 credits vs. Junior College courses vary, 8 credits

Transfer Credit Information: For those students wishing to transfer from a two-year college or another four-year institution, these courses are recommended by the Department of Theatre and Dance (courses will be transferred under Area V in the State Articulation Agreement).