Fall 2014 Entrance Auditions for our Programs (scroll down for both theatre and dance dates/times)…


Theatre Audition/Scholarship Day:  Audition/Scholarship Day is when the Department of Theatre & Dance holds auditions and interviews for departmental acting, design and technical theatre scholarships, as well as auditions for admission to the Musical Theatre Track (there are no auditions for entrance into the acting track).  These are held on the UA campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Dates (for 2015-2016 entrance) – Saturday, November 8, 2014 and Saturday, January 24, 2015

Check-in Time – 9:15AM

LocationLobby of Rowand-Johnson Hall

Registration DeadlineFriday, October 31, 2014 for Fall audition and Friday, January 16, 2015 for Spring audition


Registration:  Fill out the online Audition Day Registration Form (also available in the resources section below).  Musical theatre applicants should also fill out the Supplemental Musical Theatre Application (page two of the registration form).  These materials must be received by the Monday prior to Audition Day.

What to expect during the day?:  This is a typical schedule, subject to change based on scheduling requirements.

  • 9:15AM – Registration in the lobby of Rowand-Johnson Hall on the UA Campus.  You will be given audition numbers and a complete schedule of the day.
  • 9:30AM – Welcome and Introduction, Gallaway Theatre in Rowand-Johnson Hall.
  • 10:00AM – Q&A for parents with Department Chair William Teague.
  • 1o:00AM-6:00PM – Audition/Scholarship Day activities.  These will include auditions, interviews, theatre workshops, campus tours, and meetings with UA Theatre majors.

What to Prepare/Bring:

ALL ACTORS:  Prepare a 90-second (or less) monologue of your choice (classic or contemporary) that best shows off your acting skills.  Please note that you will be cut off at the 90-second mark.

MUSICAL THEATRE:  In addition to the monologue, prepare two theatre songs (16-measure audition versions, but know the complete songs): an up-tempo and a ballad.  Women who can belt should include both belt and legit.  There will be an accompanist; bring sheet music.  Do not sing a cappella or with recorded accompaniment.  There will also be a dance audition.  Bring dance clothes, and character and jazz shoes, if you have them.

CLOTHING:  Standard audition attire is required.  Come dressed for the acting audition.  Musical theatre applicants will have a few minutes to change into dance clothing for the dance audition.

SET DESIGN/LIGHTING DESIGN/COSTUME DESIGN:  If available, bring examples of your design work.  These designs can be realized work or class projects.  Drawings, sketches, models, and photos presented in an organized manner are a great way to show off your skills.  If you do not have design work prepared, do not be intimidated.  You are still encouraged to talk to our design faculty.

TECHNICAL THEATRE/THEATRE MANAGEMENT:  If available, bring your portfolio or examples of your work.  These examples can be realized work or class projects.  If you do not have a portfolio or examples of work prepared, that is fine.  You are still encouraged to talk to our faculty.

NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE:  You will be notified by the end of February 2014 if you have been selected to receive a scholarship from the Department of Theatre and Dance in the Fall of 2014.  If auditioning for the Musical Theatre Track, you will be notified of your status by the end of February.

NOTES:  All auditions are private.  Performers are brought into the audition room one at a time.  We find that students do their best and most honest work when parents and guests are not watching.

QUESTIONS:  Please contact the appropriate area representative on the Guidelines page (available in the resources section below).

Resources & Information Sheets (click to download):

Audition Day Registration Form (submitted online)

Audition Day Registration Form 2013-14, Guidelines and Information Sheets (downloadable pdf)



Dance Program Auditions

Auditions for admission into the undergraduate Dance program for Fall 2014 will take place on the following date:

Dates (for 2015-2016 entrance) - Friday, November 7, 2014 and Friday, February 13, 2015.

Check-in Time – 10:00AM

Location – Clark Hall, Floor 3

Registration Deadline - Monday, November 3, 2014 for Fall audition and Monday, February 9, 2015 for Spring audition


**Please note that participation at each audition will be limited to the first 60 dancers who register**

Auditionees must register by e-mailing their name, address and phone number to Nancy Calvert by the listed deadlines.  When registering, please indicate if you will be needing your two complimentary tickets to the performance that evening.  Auditions start promptly at 11:00AM.  Auditionees are encouraged to arrive no later than 10:30AM to complete necessary paperwork. Please contact Cornelius Carter for further information.

What to expect during the day?:  Women should bring ballet, pointe and jazz shoes and wear a black leotard and pink tights (convertible are best so you can easily be barefoot for the modern portion).  Hair should be neatly secured in a bun.  Do not wear jewelry.  Men should wear either a black or white fitted T-shirt and black tights with black or white ballet slippers (bring jazz shoes).  The audition begins at 11:00AM, but you should arrive by 10:30AM to sign in, get your number and warm up.  The audition consists of a ballet class with barre, some center work (tendus, adagio) and across the floor combinations (turns, leaps).  Next comes some basic pointe work for the women (echappes, passé releves, and some turns).  Men will demonstrate some jumps, leaps and turns.  After that, you’ll learn a modern combination and then a jazz combination.  You will not show individual choreography, nor need to bring a resume, references or pictures.  The faculty simply watch you take class and observe how you switch from one style/teacher to the next.  The class takes about two hours.  After class, there will be a Q&A about the department and the university, with a representative from admissions to answers questions about application procedures.

After that, you are free to explore campus and Tuscaloosa until the dance concert at 5:30PM, though you’ll probably want to be there by 5:00PM to get a good seat!  We highly recommend that you attend the concert that evening at 5:30PM to have a clear understanding of what we do.  Auditionees will receive two complimentary tickets to the concert.  Additional tickets may be purchased beginning by contacting the Box Office at (205) 348-3400 or visiting our online Tickets link.